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Debra Barnes
Very heavy on the floral

If you like or looking for a floral, long lasting scent this is for you!!


First of all, I am very grateful to the behind-the-scenes staff of this website. It is you who have reduced my loss of trial and error. I hope there will be more fragrances from big brands in the future!
Black ranking is definitely not malicious. Just sharing my feelings:
1. Oud Wood, TOM FORD-Chinese medicine taste, like the taste of an old man.
2. Sellier, BYREDO - the taste of compound plants
3. No man's land rose, BYREDO- the taste is too weak. It doesn't feel special.
4. White Suede, TOM FORD- the taste is very light, there is no special taste.
5. Mixed feelings, BYREDO-honey, compound taste but nothing special.
6. Love kills, MASQUE MILANO- the taste is so light that there is no feeling.
7. Yulong, ARMANI-Since I have heard of Yinshanshui, there is nothing special about Yulong.

Not a favorite ranking, I like floral fragrances, but the following are not the most special, long-lasting fragrances:
1. White Flowers, CREED- the taste of white jasmine
2. Do Son, DIPTYQUE-white tea fragrance, sweet wheat fragrance
3. Eau Rose, DIPTYQUE- light fragrance, fragrance

Favorite ranking, I am not a professional and only share my feelings:
1⃣️Musc Invisible, JULIETTE HAS AGUN-Very floral. Like she/he in white underwear, hidden sexy. very special.
2⃣️Silver Mountain Water, CREED-fragrant spring water. Like a man in white. A very free and easy youthful fragrance. Leave it to my son.

Smells like…

The color yellow

Zejun Li

Do Son

Irina Macneva
Do sol