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Green Leather

Patrick L.
Love it

Unique smell. Long lasting.

Selwyn H.

This is some really good juice. I can’t say I’ve smelled anything like it. Very clean and fresh with the smallest hint of sweetness.

Joseph S.
Great fragrance that no one recognizes

Wife loves it. It smells different to me all the time. Some times it's vanilla, sometimes kinda citrus-ie, sometimes it's flower-ie. Always smells great though. My sense of smell isn't very refined though. Maybe not as masculine as the name implies, but I think anyone could pull it off. Easily becomes my 'go to' when I'm not sure what to wear.

Unique Scent

This is a unique scent, I truly find this scent to be like an artist painting a masterpiece and it being so grand that it goes over one's head in understanding its greatness. Upon first spray, you know that it's something special, and upon the dry down (which is extremely long lasting) you can appreciate the scent and artistry. The only problem with this scent and let me say early, it's nitpicking, it's the where will I wear this fragrance. It overpowers other fragrances, and has a unique signature. It's not office safe by any means. It's not a club scent, it is too unique and artsy for that environment. It smells so freaking smooth, no rough edges, but again where can one wear this? This dry down is amazing, a great combination of fruity green apples for freshness and just a perfect amount of sweetness (not much just enough to keep you sniffing for more) combined with a smooth leather note. I want a full bottle, and I'll figure out where to wear it later. Two spray max from the decant and you'll be good it's a powerful and yet smooth beast.