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Josh E
Let it burn.

Based on the description, I had high hopes for this scent, which I ordered in a sample size. Unfortunately it’s just not for me. Metallic, medicinal and unattractive. Maybe it works with others’ body chemistry, but I had to wash it off after a few minutes. The rest went in the bin.

Barbershop where everyone is smoking a cigar

You walk out of the bathroom stall. You forget to wash your hands. But it's OK, noone will notice because you are wearing Burning Barbershop. A smell so sticky that you will have people ask when when you started smoking cigars.

Admittedly, I should have guessed that this would smell like a cigar filled room with a name like that.

3 stars because I imagine there are people that would like this. Like those masking the smell of a joint.

Kaitlyn Trogden
Smells pretty close to how it sounds.

Look, I bought this 1mL sample because I thought it would be interesting to sniff. It was! Also, I actually wore it once and it was a lot of fun. Has an excellent burnt quality, and the lavender is really easy to pick up. The vanilla comes out far into the drydown.

Eric Germano

Shit gonna get you laid.

Michael Barron
Just give it a chance!

First of all, LOVE IT!

I was thrown off at first, it really did smell like something was burning! I waited a couple of days and wore it again and this time it all clicked!

It became more smooth and subtle. My girl thought the same thing when we unboxed it and loved it on me the second time as well.

Don't be afraid to add a little more when you wear this.