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A Spring Getaway

The coast of Italy with the love of your life, sea wind blowing, fresh drinks in the afternoon, candid moments, longing stares, sensual touches. This is what I imagine my date would smell like. Delicious, with character, but not overpowering. Creed never gets it wrong!

Great fragrance, while it lasts...

Absolutely beautiful fragrance — if you like Creed’s Viking, this a more orange-forward version. If you are looking for something that will fill the room when you enter, this isn’t it. It doesn’t project very far, and it lasted about three hours before I couldn’t detect it on my skin anymore. This isn’t Aventus — you won’t be smelling this on your clothes the next day. I don’t think every fragrance has to be a Beast Mode Projection King; this is a quintessential summer scent in that it’s light, citrusy, and quickly-dissipating. If your metric for value is sillage/projection per dollar, this isn’t the fragrance for you.

Juan Tejeda

Very good fragrance

Nice but quite weak

The fragance is nice but very weak on my skin. Only lasted less than an hour.

Patrick Handyside
Love Scent Split and Creed!!

This is not my first scent from Creed. I actually prefer Millisime Inperial, but I have this a try, and it is actually pretty fantastic. Not only is it a fabulous recent that is just a bit more masculine that MI. It is even a great accompanying scent to wear with MI to give it a longer lasting undertone. All Creed can be mixed and blended together to create great new scents, and Neroli Savuage is no exception.