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Coach Herndon
Fresh and Fruity!

Fantastic fresh and fruity fragrance! Perfect for the office or the gym! More of a spring and summer fragrance! Smells like eating melon on a yacht!

Dylan Marshall
Absolutely Amazing

When I tell you it’s one of the best creed fragrances I’ve ever put my nose on, I mean it. It has a nice, citrusy aquatic feel to it that I love, and goes very well with both a nice suit and, surprisingly, streetwear. You’d expect it to only be effective at a harbor or beach retreat but trust me, that’s far from true and you can wear it anywhere, especially if it’s super hot and humid out. 10/10 for me as a summer scent.

(Also, salt isn’t in the official scent profiles but trust me, it’s there)

Deworski Odom

I love it

Ahmed Khan
Love the fresh - cold water/Mediterranean vibe this invokes for me!

I love this scent! I'm currently testing the staying power of this in different temperature exposures - but Creed really does know how to take notes that are somewhat well known, and just add a touch of class and luxury/depth to it. You won't regret this as a safe blind buy if you're looking for something that's somewhat in the same ballpark as what Aramani AG is doing as well - but this one is more fresh and sea salt(Y) in my opinion.

Jason C
Not what I expected

After watching many reviews regarding this fragrance, I was disappointed. There is something so off with this scent. It smells very mature and like grandpa. Not a scent a would recommend.
Service was great but not the scent.