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Brand Parfums de Marly

Christened from a majestic 17th-century English steed, Carlisle is a warmly spiced, gourmand-inflected oriental reserved only for the bold. Opening with a colorful burst of juicy, tart green apple spiked with fiery saffron and earthy nutmeg, Carlisle immediately sets itself apart from even Marly's other wondrous gourmands with a grounded, sophisticated earthiness evident from the very first sniff- this is less indulgent dessert pudding and more the aromas of a grand ballroom soiree in full swing, mouthwatering treats mingled with well-groomed aristocracy, elaborate decor and the general spirit of revelry. A richer-yet heart reveals warm, smooth tonka bean and creamy osmanthus- but also gently bitter davana and luscious rose, leading into a true patchouli note that doesn't hold back on the earthiness. However, lovers of Herod and Oajan need not worry, either- alongside that earthy patchouli, a warmly emergent vein of creamy vanilla and sweet opoponax resinoid are every bit as enchantingly seductive as they are in Marly's other masterpieces. As they all reach an enduring harmony in Carlisle's final stages, the glow is enough to make you feel like you, yourself are descended from royalty.

Carlisle Notes

Green apple, saffron, nutmeg, tonka bean, osmanthus, davana, rose, patchouli, vanilla, opoponax


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Customer Reviews

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Planning to buy the full bottle.


A very fine scent, I like it better than Layton or Layton Exclusiff. Sweet and sensual, all in all a very pleasent frag.



Parfum De Marly Carlisle

This is one great smelling cologne. One of my best niche fragrances for sure.

Apple pie is not masculine

I'm so glad I sampled this before going crazy like most of the frag com over this. It literally just smells like apple pie/x mas pudding, and the last time I checked that is a great smell but not for a man with a sack. A 20ish woman at a christmas party could do well by this. If you want the gorgeous powder luxury of say herod or layton keep looking. You have to watch out in the you tube reviews because most of them got bottle samples so they have to hype it. They are like sold out politicians who can't say too many negative things. I love PDM but this is not a bottle buy at all.