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Kishmar D.

Mula Mula

KEvin S.
Not what I expected to be on Mula Mula

Heard so much Hype on this scents , bought a 9ml to try and confidence it will be same as most reviewer recommended. Tried it up day after received , some how the scents is fresh and with a bit of sweetness which i like but NOT outstanding .. the worst is that it doesn't last long , most 1-1.5 hrs to feel it project and then it goes into skin scent for another 4hrs and gone .. nothing like what others claimed to be long lasting . Leave it for a mth+ and try again result same , I have to say disappointed , cant trust better confirm b4 goes for FB


Mula Mula opens with a bright, beautiful, fruity and slightly gourmandy scent. The dry down, for me, is where the let down occurs. It becomes a deep and somewhat dirty smelling scent. I will attribute this to the patchouli, which to my nose is rarely done right in fragrance, but I wanted to give this a try. I'm glad I sampled it, but I haven't enjoyed wearing it after about 45 minutes or so. I'm open to sampling the other Mula Mula versions because I think the patchouli is not in them.

Heather C.
Not for me

Great bang for your buck if you like it. For me though, I had to wash it off, it was just too much. Too cloying, too sharp, too much going on that in my opinion didn't compliment itself. I loved the description, and usually would flock to something like this but nope. Perhaps the pachouli was throwing me off

So good!

A successful blind buy. Love this so much!

Niko K.
Nice and Sweet

Buy it, great value for the money if you like sweet