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Regina Westmoreland
It is soooo amazing!!!

This perfume is so good!!! It is definitely full bottle worthy. Lot's of compliments.

Tyiest Sneed
Mula Mula Rouge Extreme

Its my favorite to wear, the scent is very very good, gourmand sweet n creamy, very nice scent trail.


It’s most definitely a fruity caramel scent, the longevity and silage exceed past 8 plus hours…

Kierstyn Taylor
La Capitale Dupe

This smells like a better more strawberry caramel and less leathery version of Xerjoff La Capitale in my opinion. I remember wanting to love La Capitale but there was something that kept throwing me off that made it smell like old lady and I could only smell the strawberry after it dried down for a long time. This smells like a cross between Stephane Humbert Lucas’s Venom Incarnat from the sweet berries and then La Capitale with the smoky caramel and strawberry notes. I would definitely recommend if you are a fan of Xerjoff La Capitale or if you went a fan because you don’t like leather. I gave it 4 stars just because I’m not in love with it but I would definitely wear from time to time in summer or winter because it is a fruity gourmand.

A Will
Carmel goodness

This a great one from Byron sweet caramel with a very heavy dose of berries. A great Parfum with great longevity and projection worth the money.IMO.