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Monica Walton
Black Dragon

I love it 🥰 smells so good 😊

David Imm
Really good cologne

Nice manly scent. My wife loves it. Won't let me wear it to work, lol.
I was worried about the pineapple and mango making it feminine or neutral, but I feel like it's still a man's cologne.

Carlos Colom
BLACK Dragon

Instant buy. Ripened mango upon first spray. As it dries down the mango dials back unto a sort of soapy, cleaner powdery nuance. I dont get dried tobacco, tobacco leaves or pipe tobacco, perhaps traces of a dusty tobacco clean smoke . The mango bears no synthetic qualities to my nose, so it definetly doesnt feel like a flavored cigarette. Sophisticated feeling actually. Recommended

Raul Ramone
Black Dragon

Starts off strong but mellows out beautifully.
This scent stands out in a good way.

Philly Phil
Smooth banger

This is one I'm definitely adding to my collection and I would advise others to do the same. ​I love the smooth sweet powdery notes it carries and after the dry down you start to smell that warm spicy tobacco note mix in with a touch of honey as well. I find myself catching certain notes throughout the day and thinking man this is one smooth fragrance.