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Tyler C
Great Combination of Scents

I have been searching for new colognes for a while, and saw Tobacco Mandarin by Byredo suggested in a TikTok. I thought I'd give it a shot but saw the crazy price tag. Thats when I turned to Scent Split and got a sample. Its a woody scent, and you also get some citrus, tobacco, and spices as well. Its maybe not an everyday wear for me as its pretty strong, but I still am a fan of it.

Byredo Tobacco Mandarin

The scent is strong and lives up to it's name. I am glad I ordered a sample first, as I don't know that I would purchase a full bottle at $330. I do like mixture of scents, but it is just a bit heavy on the tobacco.

Very as the name suggests

I was very intrigued to sample this but was a little disappointed. It delivers on the tobacco and mandarin, but to me it lacked a little depth. Also I found the tobacco on the mandarin wasn't as crisp as i would have liked and it muted the potential of the mandarin and came out smelling almost a little dusty to me. An interesting scent, but too risky for my wallet based on the full MSRP.

Tobacco Mandarin

Excellent tobacco fragrance! Beautifully blended and the longevity is excellent. Once again the price is a bit much.