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Elizabeth D.T.

A mess. I usually really enjoy fruity fragrances. Pulp is very very sweet which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but here it smells like overripe rotten fruit. Not for me.

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The Produce Aisle Grocery Store Scent

Ripe fruit in a grocery store produce aisle. Sensual and erotic. I might not want to wear this in public as a perfume but I do enjoy smelling it and wearing it around the house to enjoy. I did a blind card test of 23 various scents and Pulp came out at #1 in regards to being good and interesting.

Michelle S.
rotten Fruit

This is not good. It smells like fruit that is starting to go bad.

I wept

I was scared to try this scent. Reading and watching different reviews, I didn't know what to expect.

Mary. Just smelling it out of the sample bottle alone I was in awe, speechless. The sweetness from the praline, fig, and red apple really shines through, but the black currant and bergamot balance it by providing a slight fermented smell. The smell encapsulated the room. I can't describe how beautiful this smells. It only gets better as it sets into my skin. I'm obsessed.

Rachael L.
My new fruity fave!

This is such a juicy scent! I got the original Byredo pulp sample, and bought this as a cheaper alternative. They smell almost identical, but this one is more floral than fruity on drydown. A fantastic on the go perfume oil

One of Byredo's greats!

I crave the smell of this stuff! Now I realize that most fragrance reviews are largely subjective, so as far as my own personal tastes go, this is a unique smell that I'd prolly wear to the gym, or for the office.
Your site is awesome with a wide array of selections of brands. I'm sold on Scentsplit.