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I wept

I was scared to try this scent. Reading and watching different reviews, I didn't know what to expect.

Mary. Just smelling it out of the sample bottle alone I was in awe, speechless. The sweetness from the praline, fig, and red apple really shines through, but the black currant and bergamot balance it by providing a slight fermented smell. The smell encapsulated the room. I can't describe how beautiful this smells. It only gets better as it sets into my skin. I'm obsessed.

Rachael L
My new fruity fave!

This is such a juicy scent! I got the original Byredo pulp sample, and bought this as a cheaper alternative. They smell almost identical, but this one is more floral than fruity on drydown. A fantastic on the go perfume oil

One of Byredo's greats!

I crave the smell of this stuff! Now I realize that most fragrance reviews are largely subjective, so as far as my own personal tastes go, this is a unique smell that I'd prolly wear to the gym, or for the office.
Your site is awesome with a wide array of selections of brands. I'm sold on Scentsplit.

Aaron Frazier
Not what I thought it was going to be

Holy smokes this is bad!!! Totally not what I figured it works smell like. Nothing pulpy about this scent. Truthfully it went from one tester spray in the air to straight garbage can.

Alexa Euglow
Good but not for me

I thought the sweeter notes would shine more but it is very much like a witch in the woods. Cranberries nearby, but mostly moss and earthy.