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Artur Karapetyan
Thank you

thanks for the good service and delivery, the price is a little high and it’s a pity that you don’t give a full bottle, but only samples

David Kimbrough
Excellent Boozy Fragrance

I blind bought a sample of Single Malt and instantly loved it that I went on the Kilian’s site and bought the Single Malt refill.

My initial spray really reminded me of an aged whiskey barrel. That lasted for about ten minutes and then the plum and wheat was introduced. There’s also something sweet that I detect, maybe the vanilla….but what sold me is the dry down. The dry down is beautiful. It has an amazing woodsy scent intertwined with the sweetness from the plum and vanilla.

I will say this, it does not project whatsoever. It sticks close to the skin, so you’re going to need about six sprays on skin and a couple on your clothes.

Whiskey Plum

Great fragrance with performance issues. Wish it wasn’t exclusive

Joshua Thomas
Not what I expected

Kilian’s Single Malt was not what I expected it to be. The scent was quite linear. It smelled Like apple juice throughout its very short span. Not for me.

Gergely Lovasz
Not my taste

Very old smelling