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Complex, sophisticated

Really like this scent, which to me is kind of masculine. I am not great at describing them, but it starts out kind of smoky and tobacco-y, then turns a little sweeter with notes of apricot and vanilla

Matthew Harris
Alien Candy

I have worn 8 Bortnikoffs now. All are superb for what they are doing. I own full pres of Musk Khabib. My fav Bortnikoff “oud fragrance” so far is Triad. However, while this clearly has oud, I don’t think of it as an oud fragrance. The oud here is neither animalic nor especially forward. The fragrance is simply very woody, a little spicy, a bit boozy, and sweet almost to the point of being a gourmand. Almost. There is almost a candy vibe, but not modern fragrance candy vibe - I am talking about when you are a child, and someone brings amsome unusual candy from a far away land, and the flavors are somewhat alien, especially as candy, and you are perplexed as to how people consider it candy, but you slowly move through them, and they are interesting and grow on you, and you want more when they are gone. It’s that sort of non-candy candy vibe. I really like this stuff, and when I think about it, I want to go smell it.

Not for me

Off putting to my noise.

Hugo Hernandez
Great scent

I enjoyed the smell it was great

Ian Reynolds
Sayat Nova

Burst of apricots then settles down to a very interesting dry down
Personally not my taste but very well composed
Very unique