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Yulonda Morgan
Very very sweet

Reminds me of something older women wore in the fifties.

Whitney Dilger
Growing on me

This is listed as unisex, and anyone can wear whatever they want, but this def leans feminine. The first minute or so is very aromatic, almost medicinal but that fades fast. The tuberose shows up and this version is a very soft, sweet and creamy one on my skin. The jasmine, ylang-ylang lends to this sweetness while keeping it floral instead of sugary. I don’t really get any powder from the iris or cashmere notes in this, which is good because I’m not a lipstick perfume fan at all. This is blended incredibly well and is really hard to pick out individual notes. The tuberose is the star of the show and I’ve never smelled one where it’s a cozy & comforting version. They’re almost always a big white spring floral and the market is over saturated with those right now. So if you’re looking for a tuberose fragrance that performs well and works in all temperatures, this is it. Look no further. It doesn’t have a “mature” vibe at all.

Marvel Fordham
Too Sweet for Me

I tried this perfume on impulse, but it was too sweet for me. It probably smells great on someone else, but not me.

Sylvia S
Would be wonderful, if it wasn't so sweet

This one is way too sweet for me, which is disappointing, because the scent has nuance that's difficult to find in rose based perfumes. If you like very very sweet and slightly heavy rose scents, this one is for you.