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Xavier Davis
Good but not Great

It's a good fragrance for layering, which is questionable at the price point. Compared to Gris Charnel and Rouge Smoke, I was experiencing more.

Marcia Alvarado
Nice but common

I liked it but there was nothing special about this fragance. Sweet, easy to wear, likeable but a common smell.
Not my style and won't be buying a full bottle.

Sandra M.
Smell of spring

I adore this fragrance. Spring on my skin. It is a sweet fruity floral, embellished by a sparkly tanginess and the very interesting spiciness of ginger. It received the compliment of my husband, who is not usually impressed by perfumes. It’s got very good longevity and sillage. Saving for a full bottle.

Pas ce Soir

This fragrance is different to my nose. It’s not a bad scent but lacks longevity. I’m still on the fence to decide if it’s full bottle worthy.

sultry, expensive, and sophisticated

From what i’ve heard, everyone picks up something different from the notes but everyone seems to agree that this is a sultry, sexy, luxe, nighttime perfume. to me this is something you’d wear in a dark lounge wearing a modest yet sexy silk dress. it definitely has a kick from the pepper but the way it’s mixed with the soft citruses and warm woods just makes it so striking. the patchouli is not prominent at all for us patchouli haters! something about it makes me keep coming back to it