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Brand Slumberhouse

We'd heard talk of Baque, a long-discontinued Slumberhouse original that pre-dated our relationship with Josh Lobb's tantalizing creations, but truth be told, we weren't too worried about it. How could a different Slumberhouse tobacco scent steal our hearts away from the mouthwatering fruit-laced smoking pipe of Kiste, or the smoky-sweet darkness of (dearly departed) Jeke? But now, Baque is, well, back, and we're delighted to discover that it's a dynamic, vividly-painted tobacco scent that lands squarely in the middle of our two previous favorites. Combining syrupy, fruity apricot with sweet, spicy tobacco and a deep strain of boozy richness, Baque hypnotizes and delights, seduces and compels, and most importantly, draws us deep within an vivid, gorgeous imaginary landscape as only Slumberhouse can.

Baque  Notes

Apricot, cedar, straw, vanilla, tobacco leaf, davana, ambergris, parchment

License Info: This item is a hand decanted sample from the original licensed design house fragrance. This item is not a licensed design house product. The customer will receive the original fragrance hand poured into a sterile vial. Scentsplit is not affiliated with design house in any manner.