Bergamote Soleil
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Brand Atelier Cologne

Impossibly bright, deliriously fresh, and enticingly nostalgic, Bergamote Soleil is the latest triumph from Atelier Cologne's consistently excellent Collection Originale of elegant citrus-based colognes absolues. Based around a very high concentration of superior bergamot harvested from the island of Calabria, Bergamote Soleil effortlessly weaves a narrative of old friends and joyful reunions against the sun-kissed coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

As the name (or any familiarity with its Collection Originale siblings) would suggest, Bergamote Soleil is all about the citrus. And what a citrus it is, a gorgeous Calabrian bergamot that overflows with crisp brightness and a just-right hint of bittersweet peel. Lush touches of ambrette and white amber lend gentle smoothness, while lightly spicy vetiver and cardamom give character without excess body, all atop a casually sexy oakmoss base. Joyous, refreshing and wistful, Bergamote Soleil is another exceptional cologne from an exceptional fragrance house.

Bergamote Soleil  Notes

Bergamot, bigarade, ambrette, jasmine, lavender, cardamom, vetiver, oakmoss, white amber

Cologne Absolue concentrated at 15%

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Nice scent for the summer