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Mohammad Kassim
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Wait for it.

The initial two minutes of this scent I am not a fan of. For me the incense comes off ashy. Like burnt ashes, not the good kind. This lasts, again for me, about 30 seconds and then starts to tone down and mix in with the Oud woody scents. Around two minutes it’s gone and I really start to enjoy this fragrance. I would say has a smooth slightly smoky sweetness. The amber warmth is the main character in my opinion but you can definitely smell the oud and rose. The rose isn’t super floral it’s a masculine rose if that makes sense. I actually really enjoy this fragrance and will be purchasing a bottle. I never spray a lot so things don’t typically project for me. That’s not what I am looking for personally. But it does last on my skin for several (6) hours. I would say it performs similar to Tom Ford products.

Stanley Howell
Oud royal !!!!!

This is a true gem in my collection and I have refills at this point …it’s beautiful and I wore it out on a group date and got lots of compliments and inquiries about it..I love it.

eve l. rahk

I absolutely love this scent. It smells like quality leather and cigars and I love it. I am so thankful that through this company I am able to own and enjoy a quality fragrance that would otherwise be completely out of reach.

Good quality oud

It's Arabian Oud done well. Not animalic and blended well.