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Sabrinia haggermaker

Smells wonderful

Thijs Welling
I expected more from Arabian Knight

I expected more from Arabian Knight, but maby Arabian Knight Silver would be better and more powerfull.

Arabian Knight was not bad, but it was less powerful then I thought.

Ross Anderson
Pretty good

I thought it would be better. Nice fragrance, reminds me of savauge. A bit tired of that dna. I hear silver off better tho

Omer Khan
Exquisite.. Musculine.. Addictive

I am not by any means a master to review perfumes but I have few in my collection Arabian knight is one of the most exotic and beautiful perfumes I have ever smelled.. Projection is easily 8 hours of me... Citrus.. Woody.. A bit of spices but stikght hint.. Very good indeed

Ken F.
Lemon grass or nah…

I really wanted to like this one a lot given that a site had listed lemon grass as one of the notes (now I’m not really sure if that listing was even accurate). Unfortunately, there’s just something about Arabian Knight that I really don’t like, and I can’t seem to figure out what it is. Definitely not a fan of this oriental fragrance. It goes to show that scents will always be a personal preference.