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Adrienne B.
Hedge Witch Kitchen & Cauldron

Initially, this starts very green, piney, & spicey. The sillage is impressive - 2 squirts & 2hrs later I received comments about the perfurm while standing outside. It mellows out after a few hours & the clove & vanilla become more apparent. I absolutely love it, as does 1 of my teens.

J K.

Had a little accident when popping the lid off, and spilled half the little bottle on my hand… that ended up being one bold initial whiff. Smelled VERY incense heavy, and then dried down more earthy and subtle. But stayed on my hand for 5-6 hrs, even with hand washes; so the staying power is there. Wasn’t necessarily my cup of tea at the time, but I’ve had two folks tell me they adored it, and were looking to purchase a bottle. Tried it a few days after the initial sniff and it was less heavy. So maybe I need to give it a few more goes.


Smells like a dying flower. Not an every day scent but I still kind of like it.

So so

scent wasn't all that and did not last long at all.

Amanda M.
Throat Coat Tea

Wanted to love it but just reminded me too much of slippery elm tea I have to drink when sick. Nauseating sweet woody scent. Had to wash it off.

Smells like autumn

My first initial whiff it smelled like vanilla, moss, freshly rained on earth, and chocolate to me. It's incredibly earthy, in a very nice way. It smells like fog in a forest immediately after it rains, with a spiced bite to it. Like dried pine needles and pepper seeds. It dries down smelling muskier and very spicy in a peppery kind of way and kind of loses the smell of fresh rain but remains very earthy and grassy. I love it.