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Khashab al Oud

Being new to oud, I was surprised at what a rich, smooth and sweet experience oud can be. I have tried TF's Oud Wood before but it seemed to have mainstream designer type dna in the drydown after the wood impression disappated, which made me wonder where the wood came from at all. I was eager to try out a quality natural oud and my impression is that it is a malleable ingredient that lends depth and substance to any creation. While a designer can give oud a very stereotypical "woody" type of expression, oud can have a sheer, fruity and sweet quality that on its own is such a well balanced scent. Perhaps it is the extraction of the resins mixing with a fruity aroma of wood fermentation. Khasab is a beautiful, natural and highly refined scent blended very nicely with supporting notes of sandalwood, patchouli, musk and rose in the background. The overall impression is one of simple purity, despite the subtlety of the blend!

Wafa G.

A good

Earl S.
Khashab Al Oud

Khashab Al Oud is one of my favorite oud fragrances. It has a very pleasant opening with a even better dry-down. On top of that it last a very long time

Love It

Really nice, powerful Middle Eastern smell.

Shanique K.

This is a very spicy/ woodsy type of fragrance but not overbearing. So beautiful I just love it!

incredible; real oud! faint fruity & floral notes

incredible, radiant agarwood. intoxicating fruity top notes, quickly settles to a smokey dry-woody vibe. all the oud, none of the skank. soft, warm, cozy, inoffensive. i'm in love and looking for a fb. 39/f/usa june 2021