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it’s a unique smell but in the end it wasn’t for me. I thought it smelled strongly of sweetarts candy, a fruity powdery strong smell. I got complimented quite a bit while wearing it but it isn’t my favorite, it’s not a subtle smell at all.

Jenna K.
Off-putting and sexy!

Ok not gonna lie— I did not like this at all when I smelled it out of the bottle. At first spray, Female Christ is a very medicinal and almost astringent scent that burns the nostrils a bit. It settles down once on the skin with the top notes of patchouli and pimento that fades subtly into rhubarb and thyme notes. The patchouli note is long lasting and pairs well with the final notes of amber, vanilla, and cashmere wood. Even with those warm base notes, Female Christ remains dark and obscure. I’ve gotten many compliments while wearing this, one of them surprisingly being from my mom who is very sensitive to smells. While this fragrance is not for everyone, it is definitely wearable once the top notes wear off and lasts all night. Female Christ is off putting and sexy, just like the art she is based off of. Also US shipping from Scent Split was shockingly fast. I ordered this during the holiday season and received it within 4 days of ordering.

Loni M.
Very Cool, But not Wearable

This perfectly captures the smell of wood and human musk, there’s a hint of licorice in there. It’s leathery and very accurate to the concept which is why I added the sample to my collection. May be too intense to wear regularly

Alexa B.
Pretty good!

I forgot exactly where I heard about this perfume but the name immediately drew me in. I’m not a scent expert but i’d say its got a sweet pepper type smell? Its sweet, yet has some spice to it. It reminds me of what a grandma going to church would smell like. 4/5 stars, I quite like it!

Roxanne Q.
Not impressed

I didn’t think this smelled particularly good. Like varnish. I love Woody scents and this wasn’t it

Ashley L.
Great Service!

My order had gotten lost but the attentive service helped me get what I needed as soon as possible! Very happy!