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Gourmand Lover's Dream!!

This is a beautiful scent!! The hype is very real!!. If you are on the fence about purchasing, just get this!!! Try a 2 ml sample, and I promise you, you're gonna want a full bottle. I can't wait till I can order mines!! Love it!!!!:-)

Sarah Harvey
Not for my skin chemistry

This ended up being disappointing. At first, the fragrance was great. I love gourmands and the caramel popcorn opening was delicious! But on my skin, the dry down went sour. Unpleasantly so. I gave the fragrance another try a few days later and the same thing happened. The ambergris note just doesn't mesh well with my chemistry, I guess. I'm glad I tried a sample and didn't blind buy a bottle. That's why Scent Split is so great!

Kettle corn anyone?

It’s sweet, sticky, and delicious! This reminds me exactly of a salty caramel kettle corn; I’m hooked!

Korbin Elise
Disappearing note

So I absolutely loved the opening of this perfume, it smelled like a movie theater full of buttery popcorn and salt, then about 20-30 minutes in it completely changed into a basic everyday, non unique smell. I was so sad and disappointed as the hype was real for this one, I’d recommend P.R. Pure XS, or Cheirosa 71 over this for price and performance.

Susan Perfetto
Burnt wood

I just received a bottle that was $43 of House of Pop. Not pleasant at all. Just a very burnt wood smell. No caramel notes at all or vanilla. Just plain burnt firewood! So disappointed since I really love a good , warm caramel scent. Not this