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the BEST orange blossom perfume

For context, I am a perfume lover. I have tried thousands of perfumes; I own at least 500 decants and full bottles. I have taken multiple perfume workshops that get into detailed chemistry and composition. Oh, and I have an orange tree blooming in my backyard right now. So, I say this with some gravitas: Sintra is the BEST perfume focused on orange blossom. It starts out very heady, as most white florals do (use one spray if you're sensitive). The caramel is right under the orange blossom to keep it away from a petrol note. Then it evolves into a creamy, complex, and gorgeous scent. On my skin, it lasts 6-8 hours, and even longer on clothes (if you think it fades faster, you may be anosmic to certain musk molecules). The dry down is yummy, sexy, and soft. The other reviewer who said Sintra is in the same category as Killian's Love Don't Be Shy and Mancera's Velvet Vanilla is correct; however Sintra is more complex and green than Love Don't Be Shy, and leans orange blossom vs. Velvet Vanilla's tuberose. Sintra is also more natural-smelling and balanced than either. A must-try!

dawn hines

Never received

I never ordered sintra

I never ordered Sintra 14 days ago. I hope I was not scammed. Will be investigating.

Strong green note

This smells very good after the dry down. The top note of petigrain is quite strong. And not totally my favorite. But after about 5 minutes, it smells lovely. Like Love Don’t Be Shy with a bit of green. If you like LDBS or Guimauve Noel, you may enjoy this, as well. It has pretty good longevity on me. Not all day. But a good four hours.


Nothing special. It barely lasted an hour