Acqua Viva
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Brand Profumum Roma

Find a lemon tree, pick a brilliant yellow fruit still warm from the sunshine, give it a gentle squeeze to release the oils in the rind, close your eyes and sniff – that is Acqua Viva. This is the most amazingly authentic lemon scent we have ever found. It is the bracing scent of the zest – intense, bright and clean and without a drop of sugar in it. These are lemons that are still on a tree, surrounded by cypress and cedar, overlooking the dazzling Mediterranean Sea. The air is fresh, the sky is blue and life is good. Acqua Viva uses Amalfi lemons – the queen of lemons – grown on terraced hillsides and famed for their intense scent and flavor. Sunlight in a bottle.

Acqua Viva Notes
Amalfi lemon, Sicilian broom flower, cypress, cedar



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Customer Reviews

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lemon,lemon,lemon, love it,unfortunately on my skin,only lasts 3 or 4 hours.


I've read and watched several reviews on Acqua Viva, usually very positive...some putting it in the conversation for citrus King. So I was excited to get a sample. I am disappointed. On my skin, there's essentially zero projection and the performance was abysmal. I added some to my clothes and it did not really help. The scent itself is just fine...nothing to be compared with the likes of Nio, 1861 Renaissance, Selection Verte, etc.

Not what I expected

I was hopeful for this one due to the reviews and description but the scent lingered on smelling a little like cleaner. Citrusy, yes - but not the right tones of it for me.

I LOVE Profumum Roma’s Acqua do Sale so definitely check out other scents by this brand!


Profumum Roma bottled the best Italian lemons. Whole lemons and a little sugar to keep it less sour. There are other ingredients that are but a breeze through the lemon tree. For anyone to use and no one will dislike unless you dislike a sugar topped lemon. Projects and lasts. Dry down brings out the depth of real lemons that you don't get from sugary lemon flavour and candy and is not usually detectable in other citrus fragrances due to their complexity. Can't imagine this being improved and the price befits the product.

Gorgeous Fragrance

Really beautiful lemony scent