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Rose of my dreams

This isn’t a heavy hitter. It fades rather quickly, but the rose is so light and lovely which is perfect for me.

Kayla Eagans
So good I will be ordering again.

Shipping was quick and the scent was exactly what I was expecting. I ordered some forever roses that had the Diptyque Eau Rose EDT sprayed on them and I instantly felt like I needed the fragrance in my collection. The original bottle is over a $100 dollars and I didn’t want to buy if it wasn’t the right scent. I found an ad for Scentsplit on Google and when I tell you the scent was spot on it really was. I can’t wait for my future purchases.

Love this!!

This has become my go to scent for the spring/summer. It is light and fresh, not chemical-y at all. A lot of scents make me feel kind of sick after a while, not this one! I love it all day long.

Fresh Roses

Eau Rose is a beautiful fragrance that smells like a real rose garden after it rains. It is quiet feminine and not too mature. It would be the perfect gift and also comes in a hair mist.

Smelled different in store

It's a cute fragrance if you are looking for a grandma ey rose. Initially it smelled like a rosey rosey fragrance but with a clean upbeat note...enough to take the grandma edge off . It has a nice dry down as well but it's not one of those ...omg I gotta have I originally thought.