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Chelsea Koerten
IMMEDIATELY ordered a full bottle

First let me say I love scentsplit. I absolutely love smelling all the hyped (and obscure) perfumes out there, but most aren’t “me” however much I enjoy exploring them. Scentsplit makes that so easy. Eau Duelle EDT, however, is me in a bottle. Smells like forest fairies are enjoying a glass of gin in the light of a spring day. I adore it. I also get so many compliments on it - two of my friends have ordered a bottle since smelling it on me. I’ve ordered a 9ml from scentsplit too so I can take it with me easily!

A Perfect Vanilla

A beautiful, woody, not-too-sweet vanilla. Would buy again.


Sweet, cozy vanilla while walking through a forest… it’s amazing. Wish it lasted longer but it’s an EDT

Katherine Goldsberry

Eau Duelle EDT

Fresh green vanilla: too delicate to justify

This is a very nice dry vanilla with a fresh twist on top - it is light and airy and green rather than warm gourmand vanilla. It is an authentic decant as I smelled the edt in store too. I won’t be repurchasing it as a decant though or wishing for a full bottle simply because I go nose blind to this very quickly. For me this is an extremely light scent and I just can’t get it to stay with me. For the price point, I need to be able to smell it and enjoy it for more than an hour. I do think this is a me problem (going nose blind to these ingredients for some reason) and being someone whose skin eats perfume so in other words this may have better longevity on someone else. It’s a very pretty light dry vanilla with some freshness on top and you can smell the quality and smoothness of the blend. I so wish its longevity and sillage were more than body splash level on me