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Ana K
Complex multi-layered

This is a very unique fragrance. It's feminine but not too sweet. I like it but probably won't buy a full size bottle. I'm interested in trying the other Kilian fragrances.

Brooke Palacios
Warm & Cozy

This reminds me of a grown up version of VS Pink Warm & Cozy and goes so well with my body chemistry. I absolutely love how it smells, although it leans more of a fall/winter scent for me.

Vanessa M.
Worth a 2nd Chance

When I first smelled this (years ago and through Sephora) I got a whiff of grape medicine then 30 seconds later nothing. I was unable to smell it at all. No fruit loops, fruity pebbles, NOTHING. Needless to say I was very disappointed and returned it. Fast forward to this year and I decided to give it another try and grab a sample. This time, I could smell a lovely fruity floral sweet perfume. The initial blast of grape is still there but also the orange blossoms. The longevity is also much better, I can catch whiffs of it throughout the day.

Not for me

Some say this smells like marshmallows, but this reminded me of that old, grape, Bath and Body Works kids scent. It’s very strong and lasts all day, so that would be a plus if you liked it.

Donna Arrington
Beautiful scent… just not for me

This scent is beautiful on the right person. On my friend, it smells lovely and candy-like. On me, I seem to pick up more of the flower components and it’s almost tangy. I don’t like it on me personally. Glad I bought it as a sample.