Amouage has arguably gained a lot and developed a prosperous resumé when it was under the leadership of Christopher Chong. The brand removed the crusted armor and opened arms for new spectra, one of which should we say was an adaptation of oriental incense to western taste. Bracken Man is a fruit of such development.

With such a straight title, Amouage acts a flashback to the origin of fougères and refers to the ancestor of this fern-ward variety: Houbigant Fougère Royale.

The top layer surges an ambery lavender, a cypress that stands out with an earthy fresh oily quality, and aquatic notes, all merged inside a row of sparkling citruses. A spicy accord leaps out and the fragrance smells like tanning oil under hot swords of sun rays on a sand beach.

The spicy side contains sensually warm and slightly delicious notes like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, which are fully adaptable with a perfect touch of cedar and geranium to emerge genteel masculinity. Certainly, this opulent presence of geranium does not leave the composition without a metallic boost.

Here is the bending point where Bracken folds and turns in flat warm lavender with a woodsy base. The lavender is a classical one reminding old haberdashery shops but elaborately linked to contemporary spirituality. The duet of the lavender and geranium, play the fougère accord completely.

Packing up, Bracken Men is a straightforward fougère and a gentlemen's essential. It's a dripping and damp lavender-optimizing fragrance with prominent spicy and woody undertones that demonstrates both classy and casual attributes.

It’s posh and contemporary in spite of its roots from the past. Moderate sillage, and long-lasting skin scent.

September 14, 2021 — Scent Split