What perfume enthusiasts and bloggers share in common is valuing works that are not producing anymore. Every year a part of world perfumes goes silently or officially out of production and their floating rest sell rarely, and sometimes with more price.

Tom Fords daredevil leather, Japon Noir, was one my favorites from the house that joined the club just in the beginning of Private Blend collection in 2007. Soon later it disappeared and it was not lucky as Bois Marocain to hit the market again.

Ironically, most of discontinued works are richer than their descendant. So is Japon Noir. A perfume based on a quintessential leather, ornamented by lavender, jasmine, and amber, and reinforced by vetiver and patchouli. Its dark, woody, poetic and deep, and its instant in impact like a quick deadly cut of a katana that eye cannot follow the draw.

Once opened lavender introduces leathery facets and immediately jasmine adds a hue of floral necessity. Then it is elements of base that give it dark deep woodiness. Vetiver and patchouli, and then a refined touch of amber. Boy! Nothing can pair a black leather jacket like a couple of sprays of Japon Noir. Its a heavy duty fragrance in terms of longevity and projection.

September 03, 2021 — Scent Split