Vanille Fatale
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Brand Tom Ford

Hand-decanted Tom Ford Vanille Fatale samples and decants

Tom Ford doesn't always do vanilla, but when he does, the results are never anything short of spectacular. Enter Vanille Fatale, a purring, prowling, seductively fanged new vanilla scent whose initial subtleties belie the dangerously glamorous depth within. 

Opening with a quiet but fiery growl of saffron and coriander, Vanille Fatale's mystery soon deepens as a smoky blend of myrrh and olibanum incense begin to cloud the room, draping themselves around a sweet floral bouquet and an increasingly creamy, sensuously full vanilla. As coffee and roasted barley bring a comforting, yet subtly edgy dose of warm and resinous character, a rich mahogany wood keeps everything in balance, providing enough robust unisex woodsiness to make this scent an easy recommendation for men and women alike. And for those of us who prefer a finely-sharpened blade to blunt force, Vanille Fatale is a sotto voce stunner, ideal for drawing the object of your seduction ever closer without shouting over the room. Think of it as the ultimate secret weapon- and deploy it accordingly.

Vanille Fatale is a force of nature personified, a beguiling tempest that takes over like a rush of blood to the head. The impossible becomes real, too good to be true becomes true. Her or his unrelenting hold is fixed, refined yet raw, polished yet primal.


Saffron, coriander, frangipani, narcissus, coffee absolute, mahogany, roasted barley, vanilla, myrhh, olibanum

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Customer Reviews

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Very very nice

Vanilla and deep rich tones are what I pick up on with this cologne.
Many compliments when wearing, although not overbearing. It last and last. I can smell it on my skin even after 16 hours and I like the scent.
Highly recommend, but DAMN it’s expensive!

Vanille fatale

This is an earthy vanilla, not overly sweet and more exotic. Very grown-up
version of vanilla.

My favorite TF

If you like Tobacco Vanilla, you have to hive this one a shot.