Sweet Oriental Dream
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Brand Montale

Sweet Oriental Dream is one of the most addictively unique fragrances you'll ever come across, a jealous lover of a scent that takes all of your attention and demands you to love it, love it, love it! Sweet, sugared almonds combined with moist, unsmoked cherry pipe tobacco. The Middle Eastern treat of Turkish delight (loukhoum) flavored with sumptuous rose petal jam, almonds and rich clover honey. Rich vanilla combined with sweet, unburned incense. It gives all of these things and more, a deep, foody and decadent dream of thick, exotic desserts from far-off lands. Beautifully rich, sweetly lush and unrepentant in its blatant, edible sensuality, if you like sweet fragrances that pulsate with rare pleasures from the harems afar, you've just found your newest obsession. Don't blame us if you find you're sniffing your arm behind closed doors with half-lidded eyes and making “Mmmm…. yummmmm…..” sounds. It's that delicious (and addictive!).


Moroccan rose, loukhoum (honey, rose water, sugar, fruit, jam, nuts), almonds, vanilla

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License Info: This item is a hand decanted sample from the original licensed design house fragrance. This item is not a licensed design house product. The customer will receive the original fragrance hand poured into a sterile vial. Scent Split is not affiliated with design house in any manner. Scent Split is not in any way affiliated with Montale. All perfume samples and decants are hand decanted into glass sprayable atomizers for 2ml, 6ml, 10ml and 30ml bottles and glass dabber vials into 1ml samples from the original fragrances by the original brands and sent to you carefully so that you can enjoy small quantities of fragrances you've been wanting to try and weren’t otherwise able to.

Customer Reviews

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Way too powdery for my taste

You feel less of the oriental spiciness, and more of a powder scent

Love it!!!!

Great selections and amazing service!

great expereince

From the shipping to the nice packaging a worthwhile experience. Highly recommend as a way of getting to know fragrances! Many thanks

Distinctive & delicious

Opening notes are strong honeyed almond, with a slight bitterness.
Warms well with the rose & fruit, and a hint of spiced nutty vanilla.
I didn't notice any tobacco particularly, and the rose/fruit became a background scent fairly quickly.
Mellowed to a powdery-sweet almond nougat on me (with something else I can't quite identify...) that has good staying power.
Rich and smooth... the more I wear it, the more I like it...