Santal Blush
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Brand Tom Ford

Don’t let the “blush” in Tom Ford’s Santal Blush perfume fool you into thinking this is a shy or retreating scent. It’s more of an exploration of the multi-dimensionality of the buttery-beautiful sandalwood note. 

Like looking at a cross-section of cut wood with its repeating but differentiated rings, sniffing Tom Ford’s Santal Blush provides an olfactory version of similar-but-different reverberating facets of sandalwood. It opens with a creamy, almost coconut-y and even fig-fruit richness. Bold Indian spices of cumin and cinnamon give Santal Blush a temporary hot-and-heavy feral energy. As carrot seeds and fenugreek add a vegetal, waxy depth, chic, sandalwood calls in its reinforcements: cedar and oud, softened by musk. Soft, spicy, creamy, and sexy, Santal Blush is more forward than its name.


Indian spices, cumin, cinnamon, carrot seeds, fenugreek, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, Australian sandalwood, cedar, benzoin, musk

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Tm sb

Love this fragrance éven for a man smell like you travel in india
It remind me when i was there, bying some santal gods in a souvenir Shop

Glad I tried this from ScentSplit

I tried TF Santal Blush. I'm glad ScentSplit could afford me to try it out. For the money- it is a great smell, but it goes thru top note, mid note, & fade out in only 2-3 hours!!! Not at all worth the money if TF can't last - tried it on skin, clothes, hair. Thanks ScentSplit. Beautiful EDP, wish it DID last.

Reminds me of Tam Dao

I’ve read other reviews stating the similarities between Santal Blush and Tam Dao, and I agree they both begin with this wonderful scent of sandalwood. Tam Dao smells powdery, or maybe it’s creamy initially to me, but Santal Blush is more woody and ends on a spicier note that lingers longer than Tam Dao. I like both fragrances though.

Tom Ford Santal Blush

A little bit too feminine for a male fragrance, but would make a beautiful female scent


While on the way home from vacation in England I bought two full size bottles of Tom Ford in the duty free shop at Heathrow. I have been a huge fan of Black Orchid for a few years now and consider it my go to fragrance for fall and winter, so I really wanted more of his fragrances. I purchased Rive de Amber and Neroli Portofino. I like both of them immensely, but after buying a small sample of Santal blush, I wish that had been one of my choices. The duty free shop had just about every Tom Ford perfume ever made and my husband was trying to rush me through my decision making process :)

The santal blush is a beautiful, lush fragrance. I am not a perfume connoisseur, and won't do a great job of describing this scent. It is a sandalwood base, but is not acrid like many sandalwood fragrances can be. This one is creamy and intoxicating. I just ordered a larger sample after blowing through the tiny one in one week. This will be the one and only item on my Christmas list this year. Bonus- my husband really likes it, and he rarely has an opinion on the different fragrances I wear.

For frame of reference, other scents I really like are: year round-Tainted Love and Bulletproof by TokyoMilk, Juicy Noir; Spring and summer- Florence by Tocca, Be Delicious by DKNY; Summer- Neroli Portofino and Rive de Amber by Tom Ford; Fall and winter- Book by Commodity, Black Orchid by Tom Ford.