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Rose d'Arabie
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Brand Armani

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Armani launches new perfumes of the Privé collection in November 2010. The collection is named "La Collection des Mille et une Nuits," inspired by the medieval Arabic tales from 1001 nights. These three new heute couture perfumes depict the exotic mystery of the Orient with its warm, spicy and woody notes on the subject of rose, oud and amber. 

Armani Privé La Collection des Mille et une Nuits icludes three perfumes: Oud Royal, Ambre Orient and Rose d'Arabie. The fragrances are exclusively designed for the Middle East market and are made as imitations of their traditional perfumery and local ingredients. 

Fragrance Notes

Damascus rose, patchouli, vanilla and Arab woods. 

License Info: This item is a hand decanted sample from the original licensed design house fragrance. This item is not a licensed design house product. The customer will receive the original fragrance hand poured into a sterile vial. Scentsplit is not affiliated with design house in any manner.

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This was a good fragrance but just not for me.... This is a HEAVY jam like ROSE that has monstrous projection so go light when ever you apply this especially in a close quarter professional setting... The fragrance is feminine but definitely good and reminds me of a fruit preserve that some ones granny would keep at there house!

Good rose fragrance

Have not wore it yet excited to see how it will perform this sunday heard good things about it

Give it a miss

Not the best rose perfume. Definitely not for me.


I love this fragrance from this line . It last a long time on your skin and it projects very well for the first two hours. Blind buy worthy .