La Fille De Berlin
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Brand Serge Lutens

“The Girl from Berlin” is Serge Lutens's third tribute to the rose, and his second to the divas of yesteryear after the Palais Royal exclusive Une Voix Noire, inspired by Billie Holliday… This time, the model remains unnamed, but she is obviously a creature of the decadent 1920s in Berlin: a sleek-legged, smoky-eyed femme fatale. Louise Brooks as the amoral Lulu in Pandora's Box, a pre-Hollywood Marlene Dietrich crooning “Men cluster to me like moths around a flame” in The Blue Angel…

And how couldn't they? This angel is not blue, but as red as the petals of a blood-gorged rose. Here, the flower is expressed at its richest: you can almost taste its jamminess, lifted with metallic hints of pink and black pepper. But its velvety flesh is also a woman's, musky, honeyed and dark.

A riveting, take-no-prisoners sillage monster, La Fille de Berlin is Lutens at the top of his flamboyant form. So femme a man could rock it. So true to the flower no rose lover should be without it. So good it could even convert the rose-averse. Falling in love again, never wanted to… What I am to do? I can't help it.


Rose, violet, pink and black pepper, musk

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty much what I expected

I had been dying to try this scent for months and finally got the opportunity thanks to Scent Split. It's a familiar, heavy rose - if the scent had a color, the juice would be exactly it. It dries down into a makeup-y powder on me, and I can imagine this Girl from Berlin. My husband and two co-workers were NOT fans of this one, unfortunately haha.

Gorgeous Sensual Floral

This is a really beautiful floral with a hint of musk. It's just well blended, natural smelling, quite sensual. The ruby color of the juice really matches the scent of this one. Though, it's unisex, it's leaning towards feminine but can definitely be pulled off by a man. It also has a relatively good longevity.

Smells Gorgeous

I was told I smelled like a girl, but it smelled amazing


I absolutely love this scent; it's a perfect depiction of rose. Despite how much I love this fragrance, being a male, the only response to the fragrance I got was "you smell like a woman".

Guys do NOT understimate this scent

I purchased this scent out of curioisty. YES it is floral and sweet ,BUT it is NOT only for women. I am a 30 somehing year old man used to spicy, woody, and more masculine scnets ( the gualtieri's line for example). Using this scent in combination with Bergamask or Stercus will make wonders . You will be able to get the stiff citrusy and green notes from other perfumes layered with the sweetness of rose and floral notes at the end. This mix will impact a lot of people wherever you go.

A great scent to have for men who like spicy and woody scents and want to mix them with more suave notes that produce an amazing effect.