Interlude Man
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Brand Amouage

Amouage presented a new pair of fragrances by the name of Interlude. Interlude Woman and Interlude Man are said to evoke an air of disorder while maintaining a sense of balance and tranquility through the inventive use of incense and myrrh.

Christopher Chong said: “I interpret what I see and feel into scents. All the social and natural chaos and disorder surrounding us today can be translated to a much more intimate level. The interlude moment is a reflection of all the trials and tribulations one overcomes to attain personal satisfaction and achievement.” He also explained the use of ingredients: “Amouage has established an enviable reputation for re-inventing accustomed scents. Frankincense and Myrrh traditionally smell spiritual and religious but in Interlude, they have been reconstructed to feel contemporary yet sophisticated.”

Interlude Man is a spicy – woody fragrance that opens with zesty bergamot, oregano and pimento berry oil, perpetuating intervals of conflict which are countered by aromatic notes of amber, frankincense, opoponax, cistus and myrrh. Eternal notes of leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood in the base add lasting layers of depth and texture. Perfumer: Pierre Negrin.

Interlude Man was launched in 2012.


Bergamot, Oregano, Pimento Berry Oil, Amber, Frankincense, Cistus, Opoponax, Leather, Agarwood Smoke, Patchouli, Sandalwood.

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Interlude Man

Not good

Not good At all


Interlude Man

Great juice.!

This was blind buy after watching all the fragrance heads on you tube. This is unique smell that would require some getting used to. Don’t get me wrong, it smells very nice but it is not for everybody. It lasted forever on me (I smelled it on me 12 hours later). No, it is not a compliment getter (at least on me) and it is very strong. Longevity- 8 hrs plus hrs. Projection- darn.!! like a beast. Sillage- 5 to 6 ft. My wife smelled it after I got home from work (which was 11 hours later). She said “oh my god, I still smell it”.

RE: The Blue Blue Beast

Continuous of previous review:-
I own quite a collection of top niche perfumes, but when it comes to performance, this is a phenomena!!!
If over sprayed; This beast will last for such a very long time
So make sure to spray Only a couple of sprays ( Max 3 Spray if you think you can handle this beast )