Incense Extreme
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Brand Tauer Perfumes

If you crave a a deep and soulful incense, one that is pushes the boundaries of our incense offerings thus far, you will absolutely revel in Andy Tauer's much anticipated new creation. Incense Extreme is a complex, moving and wonderfully comforting. In fact, imagine all things you love about incense perfumes, and they are all here in this amazing new release. The powerful impact of rich, deep frankincense is strengthened by the presence of spices and ambergris. The fiery piquancy of coriander and the sweet ambery undertone, which are to us Tauer's signature in perfume, are the characteristics that make this incense Extreme. Having said that, the fragrance is neither too heavy nor too forceful. It has an unexpectedly airy, uplifting quality that we adore and the warm softness that makes it such a perfect comfort scent. A definitive incense perfume, for the lovers of the incense genre and the fans of Andy Tauer's talent.

Incense, touch of spices, powdery orris, cedarwood, ambergris, frankincense

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