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Brand Parfums de Marly

Heord is the seventh perfume from the house Parfums de Marly. It is classified as a woody - spicy composition. 

One of the most accomplished racehorses (and prolific studs) of 18th century Europe, Herod was a horse of uncommon achievement descended from a famous line of Turkish warhorses. To honor him, Parfums de Marly has created a truly spectacular fragrance, one that combines robustly masculine tobacco, wood and patchouli notes with an alluring spice blend and a sumptuous vanilla.  

Herod opens with an attention-grabbing spicy mix of cinnamon and peppercorns, and quickly introduces a resinous, sultry heart of incense and tobacco, combined with such smoky-sweet artistry that it makes our mouths water and pulses race all at once. In the base, the woodsier and earthier aspects are enhanced with rich patchouli and vetiver, while a creamy, delectable vanilla keeps things from ever getting too dark or deep. Rich enough to wear on a cold winter night but well-rounded enough for year-round, Herod is a luxurious addition to any gentleman's arsenal- and we think it would be drop-dead sexy on any lady who loves tobacco scents as well.

The Parfums de Marly fragrance collection, named after the famed French Marly castle, draws inspiration from the legacy of Louis XV and his love of breeding thoroughbred horses and creating perfumes. Each bottle reflects this rich heritage with an embossed crest and rich accents. Herod is a smoky, vanilla scent named after a famed stallion of the 18th century.


- Top: cinnamon, pepperwood.
- Middle: osmanthus, tobacco leaves, frankincense, ciste.
- Base: vanilla pods, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli, cypriol musk.

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing scent. Best Tobacco scent I've smelled. Obviously best suited for fall and winter, but me being a fragrance fanatic would pull this out in the spring and summer as well :') You will stand out wearing this and it WILL get you noticed wherever you are.


I give Herod a 10/10 rating for the following reasons:
It is a Gorgeous scent.
It will get you compliments.
The performance is beastly. Be careful not to overspray as it can be cloying. I use 2 sprays. It lasts a very long time on my skin.
This frag is more suited for the colder temperatures of fall or winter but could be worn on a cool spring or summer evening. I wouldn't wear it in the dead heat of summer as it might come off a little too sweet in the heat.
A must have in your collection!


I put this on at 3:00 at 6 this stuff is still on the money .I am new to the niche fragrances and after this I can't go back to designer.


Love the scent


Quality fragrance!