Beyond Love
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Brand By kilian

There is something about the sweet floral notes of tuberose that have driven perfume lovers crazy with all-consuming desire to possess it, wear it, revel in it and worship it. It inspires poetry and prose and seems to act as a license to the quiet ones to be completely out of control and for the wild ones to be calmed by its charms…it's sort of like catnip for humans. So, if it's already that attractive, it takes a special blending of this incredible floral to really amp things up to beyond spectacular…and the search ends here. Beyond Love goes beyond tuberose infatuation and straight into heady intoxication with a blend of rich coconut, soft musk and warm ambergris…if this perfume was a blanket, we would want to strip off our clothes and roll on it for hours before we passed out in a sweet floral dream.

Coconut accord, Egyptian jasmine absolute, tuberose concrete, tuberose absolute, green tuberose, tuberose petals accord, ambergris, tonkin musk

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