Angelique Noire
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Brand Guerlain

Guerlain offers new distinction to angelica, a discreet plant with small flowers arranged in umbels. Angélique Noire gives it a vibrant tribute, focusing on its fresh, sincere accents, which find a luminous echo in bergamot before melting into the smooth and feminine sweetness of vanilla for a fragrance big bang. The fragrance dresses up in a bottle with clean, contemporary lines, decorated with a golden metal label on the side, like a precious book. It is embellished with an elegant bulb that delivers an unprecedented scent experience in a delicate mist.


Top notes: angelica seeds, pink pepper, pear.
Heart notes: sambac jasmine, caraway.
Base notes: angelica root, vanilla, cedar wood.

License Info: This item is a hand decanted sample from the original licensed design house fragrance. This item is not a licensed design house product. The customer will receive the original fragrance hand poured into a sterile vial. Scentsplit is not affiliated with design house in any manner.

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine note on point!

The jasmine note in this one is eerily similar to that of Indian night blooming jasmine sambac buds (even better than the sambac jasmine note in TF Jasmin Rouge). Guerlain proves yet again why there are up there in the fragrance game. I would have loved this more if it were simply a white floral fragrance but the vanilla note gives it a nice gourmand feel to it.

Delightful Scent

Many thanks for the sample of this sample of lovely Angelique Noir, warm and slightly gourmand. Good customer service as well, much appreciated :)

Stunning yet versatile!

This is a stunning green scent that is steeped in vanilla! It smells unlike anything else in my collection and is versatile enough to wear daily or for a special occasion. This is definitely a unisex fragrance...I would love to smell this on a man. Yum!

Excellent quality

Extremely fast shipping. I received my order within 4 days and everything came expertly packaged and labeled. Excellent customer service as well, thanks to Frank. Now, when I received Angelique Noire, it was not what I was expecting. I was blown away by the superb quality and I loved it and and my girlfriend loved it even more without me telling her what it was. She even said if I buy the full bottle I better hide it. At first I thought it was leaning more on the feminine side but thanks to my little decant, I was able to spend some time with it and now I know that I will be purchasing a full bottle before next fall without having to blind buy. This opens up with a fresh herby green note paired with a juicy pear with a touch of vanilla, but as this blossoms on the skin it becomes a beautiful medley of jasmine, vanilla, Angelica and cedar. It just blows my mind from top to bottom. This is a masterpiece of a fragrance in my eyes. On me it lasts 11-12 hours consistently and it projects within an arms length for about 4 hours, then it comes closer to the skin, but I get whiffs of it throughout the whole 12 hour lifespan. The compliments I receive are incredible as well. Almost everyone around me seems to love this.

10/10 for me


Beautiful Spicy White Floral Vanilla

This is one beautiful fragrance! The first hour is distinctively sweet dark smooth spicy white floral vanilla. It projects a little bit. After that, the floral dissipates but still holds its beauty.

The longevity was inconsistent on my skin. Still detectable in 4-5 hrs maybe. It loses it's relatively uniqueness on the dry down but it's still very nice.

Downside is very much the price. Yikes! But highly recommend.