A La Nuit
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Brand Serge Lutens

If you’ve ever walked down an ordinary street in the dark and unexpectedly encountered the otherworldly scent of night-blooming jasmine, you know how enchanting and disorienting it can be. The shadows seem deeper, the stars seem closer and the air becomes loaded with possibilities. It may be difficult to remember why you were walking down this particular street to begin with, but you want to stay there forever. A La Nuit is a ravishing, ruthlessly true jasmine fragrance. It captures the bloom’s dizzying, head-spinning quality of being euphorically light and darkly sensual all at the same time. At first sniff, it feels like the world has been completely overrun by the glowing white flower, but it quickly settles into just the right amount - fresh and lovely and airy. No matter how light and silky it becomes, it never entirely loses its slink and growl, because it’s jasmine, y’all. It’s always sexy. If you hate jasmine, this will not change your mind, but if you are a jasmine lover, this may well turn you into a jasmine addict. Absolutely stunning.


Moroccan, Indian and Egyptian jasmine, green shoots, white honey, benzoin, musk, clove

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