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Late delivery

Late delivery

F+×*king Fabulous

Amazing sent.. F...king fabulous is a must smell if you like to smell AMAZING


Absolutely one of my favorites!!! No doubt


Excellent cologne


Fit for a King

In my opinion, jubilation xxv is in the top 5 best men's fragrances of all time. Not for everyday wear, but if you're going out on the town and want to smell like "the man" then this fragrances for you. It's elegant, sophisticated and mature. I will be making a full bottle purchase in the near future. Thanks to scent split for providing prompt service with products that are 100% absolutely guaranteed authentic.

Beautiful white musk

Soft suede. Very clean and lovely. Basically a White musk scent.

Reflection Man

Smelled so so I would have thought for the price of the btl it would have been better




One of My Favorites

Great fragrance if you like oud, tobacco, or dark, sweet, woody, slightly smokey scents. The oud is only prominent at first, along with a slightly animalic scent. Then in the dry down the oud fades and you get a little more of an ashy and tobacco leaf smell. A few hours later, the tobacco takes a back seat and you get more of an amber, vanilla, and faint wood scent. I would recommend this for formal or semi-formal outings or special occasions, but I like to wear it just for myself.

Not my favourite

Delivery was perfect as usual. I love Tom Ford Oud Wood products, but this is my least favourite. No disrespect to Scent Spilt obviously.

Great scent in a beautiful package!

I am very impressed with what’s I got, I am definitely going to buy a full bottle thanks to this.

Great office scent

If you want to know what it smells like go to Fragrantica, I can tell you it's good and to buy some..

Memoir Man

Apple pie is not masculine

I'm so glad I sampled this before going crazy like most of the frag com over this. It literally just smells like apple pie/x mas pudding, and the last time I checked that is a great smell but not for a man with a sack. A 20ish woman at a christmas party could do well by this. If you want the gorgeous powder luxury of say herod or layton keep looking. You have to watch out in the you tube reviews because most of them got bottle samples so they have to hype it. They are like sold out politicians who can't say too many negative things. I love PDM but this is not a bottle buy at all.

It’s ok

Too me this is just an expensive version of Angel for Men

The scent is amazing!

I love the crisp citrus scent that is then balanced off by the nice smooth cedar. It is perfect for both males and females. I am definitely looking forward to trying their other types of scents.

Good service

item received as as ordered.

very good scent. Great shipping. Love testing frags. before spending too much.


They drydown is 1000% better. Whenever I wear this I ALWAYS get compliments on it. I Love it!!!

Oud Wood Intense

A call girl's signature scent!

Starts with a grape/violet candy open, sweet but balanced and very high quality. Then there is a rose candy later, but in a discreet way, not too floral at all. Then just lasts and lasts for about 10 hours. Leans feminine for sure, but so well blended that a guy on the hunt could do it. Oud not a big player, but tones down all the candied vibes so well. If ever there was the scent of an elegant French hooker, this is it! I liked this much more than Percival, Carlisle, and 1740 which I just got too.

Great Scent

Great summer scent and excellent service from Scent Split!