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Harsh opening dry down is better

Glad I did not blind buy this one dont like the opening but the dry down is alright. It will be a no for a full bottle for me.

Acqua Fiorentina by Creed

The scent is so fresh with just a hint of sweetness! Loved it!

Awesome fragrance!

The fragrance is authentic and perfect as described. The spray of the tester gives a good distribution for his size and is convenient to use, but the price is a little too high compare to the 8.1 mL travel spray sold on which gives 2 mL more and less shipping fees than the 6 mL that I bought here. I'm from Quebec, Canada. Although, Scent split is still a good alternative to test niche fragrances, and shipping speed is good.

Great scent but this was a very tiny sample and nearly impossible to open without breaking the glass vial! I had to use a pliars

THE. BEST. No hashtag required.

The BEST oud and rose combo.. super unique, super stout, super smooth, but yet still super wearable! If you want an oud that doesnt focus on Rose, but on a smooth, slightly spicy combo of oud and Rose wood with a slight tinge of apple/apple blossom and cinnamon and vanilla... this is the money ball! Dont worry about the price, I'll go ahead and tell you ITS WORTH IT!!

It okay

I was expecting alot more from this one to be honest. It just okay. It is very green and the first initial spray I get that grapefruit right away. It does improve in the dry down but to me this is just an okay scent, if you want a perfect green scent go for creed green irish tweed or davidoff cool water.


This is a very safe blind buy, I remember the first time I smelled this I fell in love with it. This is a signature scent for sure.


The rose in this isnt annoying at all, this is very well blended. I would definitely be buying more of this one.

It okay

Wasnt too impressed with this one. Dont get me wrong its a nice fragrance, it just reminds me of an axe body spray I had.


This was a wonderful scent. I'm definitely gonna buy some more of this. The oud in this isnt that strong so if that's what might put you off from buying this think again. It is a very pleasing scent.

Gets better over time

Honestly when I first sprayed it on I said I wouldn’t buy this. After about 10 mins and the opening started to die down I just fell in love! I put it on at 7pm and I could still smell it on my wrist at 11am the next day. Last long time and the drydown is where this fragrance shines

Made its way onto my top 5!

you will turn heads with this scent. It’s a gorgeous fragrance and worth all of my pennies!!!

Tobacco Oud

A must try scent

Exclusif starts with a peppery fruit, spice that is short lived and softens into the floral, coffee and spice main-notes. amber-vanilla-coffee cream base, with a spice support. I'll agree with most people who have tried it that Layton Exclusif is a great choice for cool weather. I like it better than Layton it's more sophisticated complex amazing scent than the original.


Burned leather at best!

This fragrance is awful! If you want a dark, burned, almost unrecognizable leather scent, this is it!
I was looking for something that smelled more like a rich leather fragrance. TF Ombré Leather is a much better choice. Thank goodness for samples, because TL went into the trash!!!

Signature Pour Homme

Intense Cafe


Amazing Preformance

Great projection that lasts hours and smells on the skin even the next day. Very masculine/mature scent, one of my favorite date fragrances. [recomended for ages 30-50]

Cologne from parfum demarly

It long than it was suppose to. But it was worth the wait

Very Sexy Scent

The name says it all! It is a very sexy, manly scent! I received a ton of compliments at work and at the gym. It stays on the skin for a long time, even after a rigorous workout. Tom Ford nailed it with this one!

Green Irish Tweed

Fantastic - heard it was was similar to Coolwater and I can see the similarities but this is crisper and has such great longevity. This is a great addition —especially during the summertime.

Lots of Compliments

I initially learned about Layton from a YouTube video, but as always, I don't like making the investment of this amount unless I try it out. The scent I received from Scent Split arrived a decent amount of time and the atomizer bottle works well. What's most important is that my wife loves the scent and I have gotten compliments from others as well. I can see it being a great conversation starter for you single guys out there.



Understated Sexiness

On me this is a subtle seductive skin scent.