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This is a perfect fragrance, if you enjoy sweet frangances that last all day long and are beasts when I comes to projection then this is for you!!

Bal D’Afrique smooth operator

What an excellent fragrance! Very fresh and sophisticated. Had impressive longevity.

Don’t judge by opening notes

I purchased this on a YouTube recommendation. I did smell it on a card at a le labo lab so I knew what I was getting into. When I first took in this pungent scent at first spray I thought “oh great. That was a mistake!” And hated it. But, One day thought I’d give it another chance, so I put it on with usual sprays and off to work I went. After abt and hour it started to smell good and after a bit of dry down it was a really good scent that I couldn’t get enough of!! What? I know crazy right? Now I’m glad to have it in my collection. I can see why it got the good review that it did on YouTube. Get past that initial opening note and will bloom into a treasure. Think that’s the draw of this one. Still the first time was not a positive experience but I gave it a chance and it made a difference. So very interesting about Patchouli 24. Good Projection and performance I got past 8 hours with it. Yet to see compliments with it but will see in the months ahead.

Black Gold

Scent seems to be okay. Price for the 1ml way too high

Unisex is big here leaning on the female side but great smell can’t deny the smell I would love any ladie to wear.

Plum Japonais

Great Scent

This fragrance is fantastic. Going to purchase a full bottle.

Nasomatto Hindu Grass

great scent, great service. will order again!

I love it , is Lyton on steroids

Awesomeness in a bottle, I like the animalistic scents but with the regular lyton smell , I love both , the regular one and the exclusif !

Smells good. Not enough!

Amazing scent

Everything By Killian is fantastic. Performance 9/10.. overall scent 10/10. All the notes are present and very well blended.

The One for Men EdP

Good and bad

Packaging and shipping were great
Bought this fragrance blindly and smell was not so great

Santa’s 33

Great packaging, delivery was promp and product is just as described. Will buy again


I got 3 compliments on the first wearing of this gem

So so

Roja is a high-quality perfume more but this particular sent did just not do it for me. To me it was way too complex for its own good with notes seeming to bump into one another. I felt it did not have clarity or direction .



Plum Japonais, So sweet

I’m layering TF frags. It was already great alone
Layered with Noir De Noir and its even better


Love it! 3 sprays is all you need!


I have an affinity for unisex fragrances, preferring somewhat boozy, leathery, musky scents to those usually targeted to the female wearer. This scent is sexy, transportive, elegant. I wish I could afford to buy a bottle, but I'm thrilled to have experienced it.

Good but limited

Gonna use this during the holidays, but hard to find a reason to wear it. That being said I'll spray it on me just so I can smell it.


I completely fell in love with this scent, I am truly considering buying a full bottle!!!!

Jazz Club


could not be more happy

Millesime Imperial