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Too strong and not good

Reminds me a small bit of the original, but in a bad way. Too strong and too much like something you would buy at a low end drug store. My wife said "You smell as in you are going to drive around late at night in a windowless van, like Buffalo Bill." Ouch

I won't wear this one again. In fact I am totally giving up on Armani colognes.

Long lasting

Smoky undertones with a deep sultry spice. Great unisex scent!

Glad it was free

I did not get this from Split Scent but rather from my local department store who gave me a free sample for buying a bunch of sox. That should tell you everything you need to know. It is a strong smelling cologne that fills a room. I like the guy who said "I wear it to annoy my wife."

Split Scent has so many great colognes on it's website, do yourself a favor and opt for something with more class. Your significant other will appreciate your effort.

Not good

Not good At all

Smells like something from the mid 2000's

I wore the sample of this last night at work to get an impressions from my staff. Musky and okay smelling were the consensus. I felt it was a smell from the Y2K era, good but not up to date. Also, it did not blow anyone away, in fact I felt they were being polite in telling me that it's "nice" but what they were thinking was "how do I tell the boss his new cologne isn't great."

I wore the original ACQUA DI GIÒ starting in 1997, and wore it for quite some time. It was perfect for me back then, and not many guys were wearing it to begin with. Then by the 2002 I had smelled it on so many guys I was over smelling like everyone else. Like CK Obsession was back in 1987, every guy was wearing that stuff. Anyway, I was hoping for another great smell from Armani and it didn't happen.

Thanks to Split Scent for your service. I'm having fun finding a new signature scent without the waste of cash with the buying of bottles of cologne only to not like them after the test drive.

3 maybe 4 stars

This was unique in the smell, similar to Tom Ford's Gray Vitener (which is a good thing). A very clean smell, best suited for late spring or summer. 3 or 4 stars for me due to its strong start before dry down. During the first 2 or 3 hours it hangs in your nose if you put it on your neck. I will try again but use it lower on my torso, around lower chest area and spray on to my clothing.


A beautiful scent- refined spice bomb

Sounds strange but...

With this one I didn't hate it, but smelled like an older dude. I smelled a hint of Vitalis Hair Tonic and every now and again a smokey, tobacco, smell. Not like raw tobacco, but burnt tobacco. And to say I didn't hate it is kind of funny, maybe because it reminded me of my grandfather. Obviously I won't be buying anymore of this.

Everyone’s favorite except my wife

There are only a couple Tom Ford selections that I’m not in tune with and this is one. I do prefer the Aqua version more so then the EDP. Happy to get the 1mL sample just to double check that my wife hates it before I went all in

Bergamot 22

Nice but not long lasting.

It's nice but....

It's a VERY Feminine smell.

Smoky Musk

I did not care for overpower musk of Vanilla.

Mary B.

I love this I have been frugal with my spritzing. I need a bigger bottle.

Compliment Magnet

I will definitely buy a bottle of Layton. Everyone I pass love it!

Awesome experience

This was a great experience I had purchasing the fragrances before buying them at full price. I will definitely be using again!!!


Bright nice scent great choice for anyone


Clean soap scent that last...


La Nuit de L'Homme


love it

Great Fragrance

Bought this for my wife and smells great !!

Scent Split failed me!

When i received my packed half of the adventis had leaked out of the 6ml container leaving me with about only 3ml when i paid for 6ml. When i contacted customer service I didnt get a response. Very disappointed with tge packaging and delivery of the product I ordered. Not sure if I’ll use Scent Split ever again!

Leaking container

I have ordered several items and everything has been great. The most recent item was leaking when i received it. It may have only had about half in it what i was suppose to receive.


Great smell great price couldn’t be happier.

Good stuff

Lasts all night, compliment monster

Not for patchouli lovers

This review has nothing to do with my transaction with Scent Split, which was great. Now to the fragrance: There’s not much going on with this one. If you enjoy that plasticity note that seems to be in a lot of Dior’s these days and patchouli, you might like this. It’s not a big dose of patchouli, just a bit, with a lot of that yucky plastic smell. Not for me!