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Daniel Montfort
Fresh, clean, elegant & masculine

Lately I've been curious about barbershop aromas, (must be my age 😂😂😂) Zaharoff- Signature pour homme, it's a fresh, clean, elegant and masculine smell… The only problem is, I find it difficult to buy a bottle, unless that you go to the official website of Zaharoff, of course. 😜

Kevin S.
Must buy for 30 year olds and up

This is a great fragrance that lives up to all the hype. I ordered the sample size and, after experiencing the scent, have now ordered my own bottle through the Zaharoff website an am anxiously awaiting delivery. I also have researched George Zaharoff and am thoroughly impressed by the individual and am glad to purchase from such a great person!

Southern Guy
Ehhh...It's OK.

Smells modern. Nice summer scent. I dont know how people are saying lasts long. No longevity (unless you are smelling your own skin 1-inch away). No Sillage. Sprayed about 5-6 sprays. 10-minutes later, walked by 4 people. Asked opinion. They all liked it but each had to literally smell it up-close. Zero projection. It was literally a skin scent. If you purchase this, buy this for YOU - not for what others think.

classic Fougere style

I really enjoyed the fragrance received; it had an old school flavor with a modern twist.

Devan Mitchell
Smooth and masculine

Zaharoff is quickly becoming one of my favorite houses. This is such a classic, masculine scent. The spiciness and the barbershop qualities scream classic masculinity and are extremely comforting.