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Gidget Bussing
Soft Fruity Tea and Honey

I was honestly shocked to see this perfume only had one star reviews. I definitely wouldn’t call it cloying either as someone who hates overly sweet scents (they give me a headache) but everyone is different and I firmly believe there are different categories of sweet.
While the honey is the most lingering note, there is a very green and fresh smell from the tea and chamomile and a tartness from the fruity notes that gets mellowed out by the soft florals. I’m of the high opinion that barley and honey accentuate each other beautifully as both flavor and scent profiles so I’m not at all surprised I like this perfume. I’m also very partial to perfumes with top notes of chamomile.
This perfume definitely gives rainy tea party, perhaps with a cozy book on hand. For anyone who wants to smell like they belong in a ghibli film.

Pam C.

I really wanted to like this—the name alone had me giddy! Unfortunately, this was a huge letdown!
Here’s the thing: using words like “soothing” “calming” “soft” led me to believe the scent would be, well, soft, soothing, and calming and this was the opposite of those.
The scent was way stronger than I expected. When I sniffed it from the bottle and sprayed it on my skin, it was so cloying! I couldn’t go more than an hour (I thought it might grow on me), before I gave up & trashed it. It was that bad!
But everyone’s different so if you decide to give it a whirl, try getting the smallest sample available.

Cloying honey, old antique store

I have, what I would describe as a somewhat unexperienced nose. BUT, I wouldn't describe my preferred scent profile as mass-appealing. With that being said, this is ALL honey and tea. Like a warm whiff of it. Unfortunately, I don't get any depth, dimension, or other notes. The dry-down was the worst though, I smelled like an old antique shop (which unfortunately isn't my vibe). Maybe I'm more of a green tea scent girl over a black tea one. I gave my sample to my friend because it was nostalgic for her.