Kingdom Of Bahrain
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Brand Roja Parfums

o honor the Kingdom of Bahrain, master perfumer Roja Dove said that he wanted a fragrance that contrasted a “dynamic freshness with sweet, soft warmth” to mirror the contrasts he noticed between the coldness of the fresh water springs on the island and the balmy warmth of the waters of the Persian Gulf that surround it. We think he completely nailed it. With its flashes of bright, sunshiney citrus against a smoldering backdrop of ash, birch tar, and leather, Kingdom of Bahrain is a study in contrasts between light and dark.

Dove’s confidence and surety of vision as a perfumer are in full evidence in this scent. A dominant opening full of tart lemon and lime notes could get out of hand, but he steers it firmly over the smoking, brooding base so that we get to experience only the pleasure of perfect balance. The citruses fizz and crackle, and a heart of spicy rose de mai, jasmine, and violet jumpstarts the scent into a bright, clean space that hovers over the hulking base. Potent and chewy, there is extraordinary texture to the pitch blackness underneath, its ashy leather gaining a meaty dimension thanks to subtle brushstrokes of rectified birch tar, coniferous pine, rubbery saffron, pepper, and earthy patchouli. Kingdom of Bahrain is saved from heaviness by two things. First, a surprising candyfloss note adds a shot of sweetness to the smoky woods-leather accords, lifting the scent firmly into unisex territory. Second, the fresh citrus topnotes join with a radiant ambergris in the base to effectively floodlight the scent, illuminating its darkest corners and breathing air into its rafters. Magisterial, charming, and full of spicy warmth, Kingdom of Bahrain is truly a scent fit for a King.

Kingdom of Bahrain  Notes

Lemon, bergamot, lime, clary sage, bay leaf, rose de mai, jasmine, violet, pink pepper, saffron, patchouli, cedar, cypress, pine, cashmere wood, aoud, candyfloss accord, tonka bean, birch, leather, ambergris

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