African Leather
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Brand Memo

For the fourth installment of the Cuirs Nomades series, exploring various facets of leather scents through a global journey, MEMO has abandoned the peculiar comforts of Europe (previous editions in this series were French, Italian and Irish) for a taste of the wild. Like the bright Kenyan sun above the plains of the Serengeti, African Leather is at once impossibly vibrant and undeniably full of life, a deeply aromatic, richly spiced floral leather with all the soulfulness and natural magnetism of the world's last unspoiled habitat.

African Leather opens with a burst of gorgeously vivid exoticism, as stunningly bright bergamot illuminates a wondrous and wild blend of green, herbal spices, cardamom, cumin and saffron combining for a hugely evocative, ruggedly sensual set of top notes. In the grassy, floral heart, wild vetiver combines with a stunning geranium absolute that delivers commanding depth and a feral edge that rolls perfectly into the titular leather, a majestically unpolished, animalic leather that evokes tooth and fur, hide and claw, feeling as savagely regal as the great beasts of the savannah. Take an unforgettable journey with African Leather, and get in touch with your wild side.


Bergamot, cardamom, saffron, cumin, geranium, patchouli, oud, leather, vetiver, musk

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Awesome scent

Love the scent... ready for the fall


Although at priory it had a unique smell of spices, like so many other niche fragrances, it remained a skin perfume after a few projection!....after an hour or so the smell was almost totally gone. Thanks to company like yours, we can sample those. I had heard great thing about African Leather, and was going to do a blind buy! Thank you for this service. Through the past few months, I have sampled many niche fragrances with a high profile like Lutens, but none of their perfumes stayed on my skin either....... Tom Ford private blends work very well on me as well as Tauer and very refined Arabian fragrances.

Great fall scent amazing leather

Great fall scent amazing leather its bottle worthy

Great service great idea love the company

Ok product good as always but the company has started using cheaper spray valves please return to the better quality for spray valve