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Derick Bryant

Not what I expected as in the smell


Sooo good!

Marcus F
Amazing Fresh Scent

Another great freshie! It's definitely in the same wheelhouse as fragrances like Creed Aventus and Roja Enigma, but still manages to stand alone as its own fragrance. I'm definitely considering buying a full bottle

Joseph Horton
Warning! This scent is🔥.

What a deluxe scent! Worked very well on my skin. It changed throughout the day, vacillating between sweet Pineapple and patchouli, musk scent. I had a very pleasant experience wearing this scent.

D Sparks
Nishane Hacivat decant from Scent Split

Love the Scent Split service - they offer the service that I wanted so badly from other fragrance companies. I now have true flexibility to determine whether or not I should buy an entire bottle of high-end fragrance. I recently tried Hacivat and it has been added to my list of "Must Buy (Someday when I have more $$ lol)". I think this is one that can be worn from hot to cool, mayybe even cold weather. Hard to describe, it has patchouli, citrus, jasmine, and clean woody notes, among others - for sure the sum is greater than the parts. Grapefruit and pineapple are listed notes as well, but these do not jump out at me individually; to my nose they are well-blended into the mixture. Bottomline - it's very delicious and sexy and also does not lean too heavily masculine or feminine.